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  • Marty Robbins - I Love Country
  • Marty Robbins - I Love Country
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Marty Robbins - I Love Country

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€5,95 EUR
Normale prijs
€5,95 EUR
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A1 Some Memories Just Won't Die 3:16
A2 My Woman, My Woman, My Wife 3:30
A3 Good Hearted Woman 4:05
A4 The Air That I Breathe 4:09
A5 My Elusive Dream 3:42
A6 Oh, My Papa 3:44
A7 She's Made Of Faith 3:19
A8 I'm Just Here To Get My Baby Out Of Jail 3:27
B1 El Paso City 4:14
B2 Sometimes When We Touch 4:43
B3 Return To Me 2:52
B4 Among My Souvenirs 2:33
B5 18 Yellow Roses 2:33
B6 Don't Let Me Touch You 2:47
B7 Honky Tonk Man 2:45
B8 The Performer 3:20